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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you service vehicles that use the older refrigerant R-12 ??
    R-12 is still available. However other than servicing a classic car, it is recommended to convert your R-12 air conditioning system to R134-a. With a proper conversion, you can expect the same cooling power as R-12 without the availability and cost issues.
  • Do I need to service my vehicle's air conditioning system every year ??
    Normally you can expect many years of trouble free service from your vehicle"s air conditioning system. However issues can and do arise. The best plan is to call us when you first notice something out of the ordinary. New sounds, smells, vibrations (when the air conditioning is running) or not seeming to cool as well as it should could be warnings of issues. Typically the sooner they are addressed, the more inexpensive the cost.
  • Can you quote a "compressor job" over the phone ??
    There are many variables involved when an air conditioning compressor fails. The amount of work needed to restore a healthy air conditioning system depends on the reason the old compressor failed and the cleanliness of the internals of the system. The best plan is to have an expert evaluate the situation before any service or repairs are attempted. For these reasons, we can give you a reliable quote after an evaluation.
  • Can I recharge my air conditioning system with a can from a parts store ??
    The short answer: yes you can. However a proper air conditioning service also includes time using a vacuum pump (to remove air and moisture), recharging with the exact amount specified (very important), adding refrigerant oil and dye and cooling performance and leak checks. You can expect maximum cooling power and longer system life only with proper service procedures.
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